Gerald G. Richards

Gerald G. Richards, B.S. in Social Sciences, M.P.A., J.D., and LL.M. in Taxation. Mr. Richards serves as the organization’s CEO, a Head Start/Early Head Start Director & Consultant, and Founder and President of Concepts in Management Enterprises, Inc., an early childhood and development consulting firm, specializing in state and federally funded Pre-K programs, including Head Start & Early Head Start. Since 1998, Mr. Richards has managed three (3) Head Start and Early Head Start programs with annual budgets between 2.8 and 20 million dollars, and between 75 and 800 employees. Further, during that time he has served as a Federal Monitoring Reviewer of Head Start and Early Head Start programs, as well as an appointed U.S. Department of Health & Human Services Non-Federal Team Leader for monitoring reviews. Most notably, he led monitoring review teams for super-grantee Head Start programs including The City of New York, City of Chicago Department of Education, and City of Detroit Board of Education.


Reverend Edward Lawson, III

Reverend Edward Lawson, III,  is the founder of Chosen Ones Outreach Ministries.He has attended New  York Bible College, Bryn Mawr College and Lancaster Bible College.  Today, Reverend Lawson is the Operations Director of Chosen Ones  Outreach Ministries, and President of the Gulf Coast Homeless Coalition  and Liaison to the Homeless Gulf Coast Center Board of Trustees.  Over  the years, Reverend Lawson has received numerous awards for his  outstanding work in various communities across the country.  The mission  of Reverend Lawson is to create, promote and enhance the supports and  services available to individuals who are MH/MR, HIV/Aids, substance  abusers, veterans, prison bound, homeless and seniors. 


Teresa Finch

Teresa Finch, serves as the Executive Secretary for Chosen Ones Outreach Ministries  and has worked for over 45 years in the Secretarial/Administrative  field. In 2012, Teresa started working with Reverend Lawson as the  administrator of his outreach programs and has continued to be a valuable asset to all of his current and future endeavors.  


David W. Gunter

David W. Gunter, is the Chief Financial Officer, a highly motivated and resourceful leader with a reputation for integrity and the ability to achieve exceptional results offering strong analytical skills, combined with extensive financial and programmatic knowledge of financial reporting. Implemented change management strategies in several organizations which resulted in streamlined and efficient processes in finance and accounting. Knowledgeable of significant and various governmental accounting requirements.